Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

I was just looking through the War Room on to see if there was any new info on recruits or maybe interesting info on how the b-ball team has been practicing when I saw this. Someone posted asking for the last couple minutes of the Vandy/NC State game from 2004. Here it is.

Here's my thoughts as compared to the past 2 teams.

1) I don't trust anyone on this team to take/hit the 3 ball that Mario Moore put up. Remember when our outside shooting was pretty much unstoppable? I started following Vandy bball as a freshman in 2001. From then till Shan graduated I always had complete confidence in the outside shooting of this team. We couldn't rebound, box out, play defense.....BUT man could we shoot from outside.

2) What a shot from Freije in the corner. Great move along the baseline and then taking a great jump shot. I always believed when Frieje had the ball in his hands that he was at least going to get a great look. People say he couldn't create his own shot but he did it there with a very solid move.

3) Back door screen to Corey Smith. Wow! What a great play. Remember when we used to do back door cuts? Is that even part of the offense anymore? What happened to that? I thought that was one of Stallings main offensive strategies? I almost totally forgot about them. When I saw that back door cut I was completely taken off guard. Man I would love to see that come back and think Jeff Taylor and Lance could turn those into some monstrous dunks.

4) What a dorky celebration by Dawid when we win. Hahahaha.

That's all I got. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

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Chuck Heston said...

Merry Christmas . . .

I remember watching that game live and how angry I was that one of the TV announcers (Len Elmore perhaps?) was so blatantly biased toward NC State. Look for the moment when one of the Vandy players creates a turnover, is about to lay it up on the other end and is clearly hip-checked into the post, resulting in an intentional foul. The idiotic announcer immediately screams "BAD CALL! BAD CALL!" Now, granted you could argue that it didn't rise to the level of an intentional foul, but it was at worst questionable, certainly not a no call situation. With like 10 second left in the game, that same announcer starts into a monologue on why it's best not to call a time out, while the other announcer slowly counts down the remaining seconds.

Nevertheless, one of the great victories in Vandy b-ball history.

and to all a good night!