Monday, December 28, 2009

Vandy Feeling the Love on Monday Night Football

Lotta air time for Vanderbilt and love from the Mike/Jon/Jaws trio when Jay hit Earl for a 20-yard TD to regain the lead 30-23 over Minnesota after the Bears has given up a 23-6 advantage midway through the 3rd. How bout Jay and the Chicago offense finally having a game as they near the end of a mostly forgettable season. Da...Commobears.

...And of course Favre leads the game-tying drive to send it into overtime. Then Cutler (not to be confused with NotJayCutler) with a chance to direct a game-winning drive as Earl Bennett's OT kickoff return puts them at their own 32. Big pass on 1st down gets them to the Viking 35-yard line...and Robbie Gould blows the field goal. Awesome stuff.

...A big stand from the Bears D gives JayCut another chance. Earl gets pummeled for no gain on the punt return after failing to call for a fair catch and the Bears are unable to convert a 1st.

...But then: AP fumbles, Bears recover! Fumble caused by who??? You guessed it: Hunter Hillenmeyer. Commies all over this field tonight. Say Dores, say Dores.

...Next play from scrimmage, Jay Cutler to Devin Aromashodu streaking down the right sideline for a 40-yard TD! Game over. Finally a stat line from Jay: 20/35, 273 yards, 4 TD, 1 INT, 108.4 rating.

Hey high school recruits: Come to Vanderbilt. Then you can play in the NFL and make millions and beat Brett Favre in OT. Holler.


Bobby O'Shea said...

I turned on the game with the Vikings down 7 at the beginning of the 4th quarter. What a great ending to a game.

This was certainly a good showcase of Vanderbilt playersa and would seem to be Cutler "finishing strong." Looks like Earl has the potential to be a pretty good pro, and hopefully Cutler will evolve into the NFL QB Commodore fans hope (and the recruiting coordinators need) him to be

Unknown said...

It should also be noted that Eric Williams did such a godo job on Jared Allen that his play was commended by the Mike/Jon/Jaws trio.

Anonymous said...

Chris Williams?

Anonymous said...

don't forget how well Jonathan Goff is doing for the giants. that has been fun to watch.