Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Breaking News: Hinkle to Transfer Immediately

According to Jeff Lockridge of the Tennessean, defensive specialist Charles Hinkle will transfer effective immediately. Here is the official statement from VUCommodores.com. Where Hinkle is headed is not clear.

We reported earlier that Vanderbilt might have a problem given the number of scholarhsips they would have available, and the number of players they signed for next year's recruiting class. Hinkle's departure will ease the scholarship pressure heading into next season.

Vanderbilt has resumed practice and will play Manhattan tomorrow night at Memorial Gym at 7pm.


Pinhighs said...

I knew someone would transfer. At least it opens up a scholarship.

Go Dores.
It's good to be GOLD.

VandyGold28 said...

i still don't understand why there would be scholarship problems with all the walk-ons we have that were granted scholarships just cause we didn't have enough players. i don't know who all of them were but i'd rather have hinkle than duffy, noll, merriweather, and i think i'm missing one other guy. stallings kept saying the bench would be shortened as we approached SEC play. maybe he was told that he wouldn't be playing a role any more and he decided to walk. oh well.

Anonymous said...

ESPN's andy katz has called us the most disappointing team in the SEC. kentucky was "the best" and florida was the most surprising. i'd have to say i agree w/ him thus far.

Anonymous said...

andy is a disappointment to someone I bet and so are you.

Anonymous said...

Stalling will recruit someone else to ride the bench.