Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vanderbilt/UK Primer...

Such as it is. 5 Things to Know from the Tennessean. Jeff Lockridge writes in the Tennessean about the importance of today's game for the 21 seniors playing their last game at Vanderbilt Stadium. At this point, all the Vanderbilt players have to accomplish this season is ruining others' bowl chances. Currently, both of Vanderbilt's last 2 opponents (UK and Tennessee) are 5-4. Losses to the Commodores would certainly beleaguer the Wildcats with games against UGA and UT for Kentucky after today. However, because UK and UT play their final game against each other, absent a tie (how great would that be) one team is getting to a bowl game even if they lose to Commodores. Our friends at Moral Victory add a little meat to the bones of today's game by highlighting how the match-up between the Wildcats and the Commodores is also a battle for recruits.

Scouting UK: Bryan Mullen has a story on UK's dual-threat QB Randall Cobb. Mullen also has Myron Lewis playing today, despite sitting out most of this week with an corneal ulcer.

Finally, check out Jeff Lockridge's Vanderbilt blog on the Tennessean website with a story on CBJ recalling last year's UK win, and a profile of the Wildcats dual-threat junior Derrick Locke.

I'll be at today's game before witnessing Jersey Hopkins' day of marital bliss. Given the kick-off time, I will be attending today's game in a suit and am hoping I can be in my seat at the church by 2:30.

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