Saturday, November 7, 2009

Revenge of the Nerds

So far, today has been a good one for the smart kids, and should give Commodore fans hope taking on the #1 ranked Gators. Northwestern knocked off #4 Iowa 17-10 on the road, Stanford just sealed a win over #8 Oregon in Palo Alto with a 48 yard field goal to put the Cardinal up 51-42, and Navy beat the Irish 23-21 in Baltimore. Is today the revenge of the nerds?

Go Lamda, Lamda, Lamda!


Bobby O'Shea said...

I swear I didn't see PhillipVU94's twitter before this post, although he clearly beat me to the punch.

Anonymous said...

american idol sucks

Anonymous said...

It would be great if VU could win their last two games....go VU! You can do it!