Saturday, November 14, 2009

Post-Game Thoughts after the Kentucky Loss

I had to leave to attend Mr. (and now Mrs.) Hopkins Jersey's wedding (which was lovely). When I left it was 17-13 with Vanderbilt completely unable to move the ball offensively. Honestly, the fact they only lost 24-13 is surprising. Regardless, it looks like a tail of two halves. Vanderbilt finished the game with a paltry 11 first downs, which is an especially disconcerting considering considering they had 10 at the end of the first half. Vanderbilt's time of possession ended up at 25:12 compared to UK's 34:48. Again, that's not a great number, but when you consider that Vanderbilt possessed the ball for 18:16 in the first half. That's right, the Commodores only had the ball for 6:56. That is horrendous.

If there is one thing to be happy about after this game, it's Ryan Fowler's leg. He kicked two field goals, one from 42 the other from 47, that each had at least another 10 yards in them.

At this point, the only thing Commodore fans have to look forward to is ruining UT's season and prevent them from getting their 6th win to become bowl eligible next week after the Vols lost 42-17 at Ole Miss. Scorched earth is the word.

What say you?


Seamus O'Toole said...

So entering the game Vanderbilt was dead last in the nation in average time of possession. Amazingly, we managed to fall short of our own average (25:56) by 44 seconds. Truly impressive.

Anonymous said...

That and Brett Upson is a legitimate NFL punter, always good to have another Commodore playing on Sunday.

Colin said...

Oh my god, BRETT UPSON IS AN NFL PUNTER??!!! You must be a retard, he is horrrrrible and will never ever see an nfl field let alone a try out. It is easy to punt from your own 20 every time and kick it as hard as possible down field, but he gets zero hang time, has no actual control and is basically a moron, (see kneeling down to catch the snap). Saying Bret Upson is a future NFL punter is like saying Ted Skuchas is a future dominant center in the NBA. Let's go ahead and file them both under not an issue.

Aaron said...

Any update on stokes?

Anonymous said...


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