Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 Vols Arrested for Attempted Armed Robbery. Likely to Play Saturday

2 of the 3 are starters. Just think of how great a law practice you could build solely by defending UT players? If this job market doesn't pick up I might have to consider it.

On second thought I'd rather starve.


Anonymous said...

ut sucks

But american idol sucks even more.

No actually it's a tie.

Can we make it into a poll question...

What sucks more...

a) ut-knoxville

b) american idol

c) it's a tie

Unknown said...

vandy still loses +15.

basketball season has started. lets move on.

Unknown said...

as u well know, i'm a ut "disliker"
but,as we have discussed numerous times, let all the facts come out before making judgment .....remember,they are 18-23 old males....that category rarely thinks with their brain....but with other parts of their body