Friday, October 9, 2009

We Play Army Tomorrow

Bobby O'Shea has organized a road trip to West Point. Email him if you're in the neighborhood and wanna join the tailgate.

The Black Knights of the United States Military Academy run a veer triple option offense. Through five games this season Army is 7th in the country in rushing offense. They throw the ball rarely and badly, and thus are dead last (120th) in passing offense and above only -- you guessed it -- the Dores in passing efficiency (119th). However, the Cadets do have a 6'10" wide receiver who is a converted lineman and probably looks funny lined up opposite 5'10" DBs. There's your pitch for tuning in to the game via CBS Sports's online pay-per-view option.

Sadly, Vandy (2-3) has no place (and can't afford) to scoff at any team's passing numbers. We're not far behind the Cadets at 114th in passing offense, and as I said, we're dead last in passing efficiency. With CBJ hoping to quiet the murmurs of a "quarterback controversy" (a term I trust we've all come to hate with roughly equal passion), with the Norman-Stacy-Hawkins backfield trio returning to full strength, and with the Dores looking to learn something about discipline from their mil-school brethren, let's hope tomorrow's contest is a regrouping and confidence-building opportunity.

I wouldn't go so far as Casey Hayward in calling Army (2-3) a "great team," but I have no doubt that they feel they can beat us and are licking their chops for the opportunity to knock off an SEC foe in their house. I also know that they're eager to stop the bleeding coming off a heartbreaking 17-16 loss at home to Tulane last week, in which their kicker shanked a 37-yarder that would have won the game in the final seconds.

What I don't know is how much we'll learn about our team from this game. If we win, we're in the proud company of, er, Duke and Iowa State. And Tulane, sort of. If we lose, we lose to a team with little-to-no recruiting advantages that has been rock-bottom of Division I-A for many years on end, and basically runs a high-school offensive look that no one in our conference shows (Georgia Tech being on the schedule is duly noted, but still). At a minimum, I'd like to see Larry establish himself with some high-percentage passes that take a little pressure of the backs and the O-line. I'd like to see several solid, systematic drives that eat up clock and give the defense half a break. I hear the leaves in West Point are beautiful this time of year -- I'd like to see those too. Alas, I leave that pleasure to Bobby O'Shea and the NYC crowd heading up yonder.

Point spread and picks to come shortly...


AD said...

Vanderbilt doing literally everything they can to try to loose this game right now...

Aaron said...

is it basketball season yet??

Anonymous said...

The headline is pretty funny, they must think we play tomorrow too, because they didn't show up for about 58 minutes today.

By the way, nice officiating today, refs! It's hard to beat a team on the road...especially with some of the crap that was called in that game. It is only offensive pass interference and roughing the passer if you run into the players without a shove from the other team. Never a good sign when we are wishing for a SEC crew to replace those bums.

Anonymous said...

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