Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pregame Banter with the Godfrey Show

The guys over at The Godfrey Show, a sports blog focused on Ole Miss and the SEC West, wanted to hear our thoughts on the Vandy-Ole Miss game this weekend. That, and they wanted to bust our chops about having gone to Vanderbilt and being Vanderbilt fans. Mostly the latter actually. In any case, they sent over some questions and Bobby O'Shea came up with some witty responses, while Stanimal and I added a dash of color by taking a couple shots of our own. Read our collective responses and decide who got the better of this snarky Q&A here.

Been a helluva busy week for the VSL staff, but we'll be back with some thoughts on the game tomorrow.


vandygold28 said...

that's pretty funny. i guess ole miss fans don't realize we've won 2 in a row and taken 3 of the last 4. can we make it 4 of the last 5?

Unknown said...

All in good fun, railroad barons. We're acutely aware of the terror you've instilled in our fan base.

Anonymous said...

With the dismal history of "Ole Miss" do they have room to joke? While Coach Babe McCarthy of Miss. State was sneaking his hoops team out of the state in the middle of the night to go up north and play integrated teams, "Ole Miss" was violently fighting desegregation. I wouldn't go to "Ole Miss" if they paid me.

american idol still sucks and so does "Ole Miss"