Friday, October 2, 2009

Ole Miss Preview

OK, as mentioned earlier this week, we've all been a little busy this week, which means our coverage hasn't be that good (and by that, of course I mean non-existent). Unless Seamus or Stanimal step up, that streak is going to continue. Still, we aren't going to completely abandon our loyal following of 8. So, here's what other's are saying out the game:

Bryan Mullen writes about Vanderbilt's hope for an "encore" Saturday in the today's Tennessean. The Nashville City Paper's David Boclair highlights how Ole Miss is one of two SEC teams where Vanderbilt is actually working on a winning streak. Finally, Jeff Lockridge's Vanderbilt "Insider" on has 10 very good questions/observations headed into tomorrow's game.

Kick-off tomorrow at 6 central on ESPNU's Chris Low gives Ted Cain the nod as one of the conference's most underrated recruiters in the conference. The love doesn't stop there, as Robbie Caldwell, Warren Belin and Jamie Bryant are also mentioned by name.


Drew said...

As one of your 8 readers, I want to say thank you. I live far away and depend on you guys. The other 7 are ingrates. But me? Worth it.

Ryan M. said...

No Vandy coverage up here in CT. Very grateful for VSL and ESPNU.

- Loyal reader #7

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a QB get tighter and less relaxed with more experience?