Monday, October 19, 2009

More on Saturday (but not much more)

Jeff Lockridge reports that the offensive line was unhappy with CBJ's criticisms after the game in today's Tennessean. David Boclair took the time in today's Nashville City Paper to highlight the one impressive drive the Commodores had on Saturday. I would agree that that drive should give Commodore fans (some) hope. I've said it here before, and I'll say it again: Vanderbilt is better off with Larry Smith under center than Mackenzi Adams going forward. Mac is a 5th year senior. If he leads the team to 2 wins (a tall order given Vanderbilt's remaining schedule), the Commodores are still 4-8 and watching on New Years Day. Vanderbilt is, at this point, destined for a disappointing season. Don't compound that by robbing an offensive unit of the time to struggle and hopefully progress together. 5 of Vanderbilt's 11 offensive starters for the UGA game are seniors, 4 of whom are on the offensive line that came under fire. Unfortunately, Thomas Welch went down to injury, and his status is unknown going forward. The silver lining is some inexperienced guys might get a chance to get some significant SEC game-experience. If the staring, "experienced" guys are not getting it done, maybe it's time to see more of the youngsters. Alex Washington hasn't been productive at all, let's see some more of Colin Ashley and Brady Brown. Am I wrong, is it time to give the young guys a chance?

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