Saturday, September 5, 2009

Liveblogging the Western Carolina Game

First shutout in a decade! 45-0. Dominant up and down the field, despite a few hiccups here and there. We'll let you know about Larry as soon as we hear something. Big time start to the season -- now for celebration. Go Commies!

Tough break for Eddie Foster...

Glad Fowler made the field goal -- hope it gets some confidence going for him. A rare bright spot in the kicking game tonight.

Gaston Miller too? How many backs can we trot out to bowl over this defense?

No word from the training staff on Larry's status. He looked alright heading to the locker room, but who knows. Let's hope for the best.

Pick by freshman Eric Samuels! He's had a helluva game. That pass was straight steak dinner though -- WCU is just awful.

415 yards rushing, 602 yards total on offense. Way to set the tone.

Von Rensburg in for a score. Love it -- but I really just want the shutout. Would be the first in a decade. Let's make that happen.

Another turnover forced! Great hit by Caldwell, nice work by Samuels.

Reeves in for a TD! 35-0. Let's preserve this shutout and call it a night. Great game going on over on ABC -- go Hokies!

Kennard Reeves getting a piece of the action. 362 rushing yards to WCU's 26.

Mackenzi not looking so great. What gives?

Stat of the night: WCU is 0-fer on third downs.

I'm scared...tough to tell how bad this injury to Larry is. He walked to the locker room under his own strength...

Here's a question: 2nd and inches from the 25, why run it up the gut? Perfect opportunity for a shot at the end zone. I just don't get it. ... Good scramble and throw by Larry to Brandon.

Awesome start for Upson: his current punt average is like 20 yards. Fortunately defense is still playing strong...


OK, not a bad first half. Defense played great, as expected. WCU won't see this kind of speed from another team they face this season. Which may not be saying much considering they're an FCS team, but it's nice to know that we're completely outmatching them physically. My hope for the second half: put two more scores on the board and preserve the shutout, while giving a lot of reps to the backups and ensuring everyone is healthy and fresh for Monday practice.

Woah, this is a horrendous start for Upson. What the hell happened? How do you just muff two straight punts like that?

Stacy with another big run. How bout one more score before half?

Upson with a SIX yard punt. Really? Man, that'll destroy his stats.

Great blitz package. Theron Kadri -- nice work. Glad you stayed.

Prediction: Zac Stacy will be on the 2009 SEC All-Freshman Team. Too soon? Too bold? Too obvious? You tell me...

Stacy in for his first career TD. Something tells me that won't be his last by a long shot. I may have to institute a mercy rule with the liveblogging if we go up 4 scores.

Freshman WR Collin Ashley getting a good look there. Keep an eye out for #87.

First catch for Umoh -- great route. Larry has tons of time. Barden and Monahan are looking solid. Stacy is explosive.

Smotherman and Billinger are animals.

The blocking up front has been absolutely dominant. Let's hope we can show that kind of ferocity on the O-line against LSU.

Touchdown Norman! Congrats rook.

Warren Norman looking strong as well. I love the vision, the speed bursts, and keeping the pads low to the ground.

Almost pick #2 for Myron. That's 2 pass breakups so far -- or is it 3?

From Bobby O'Shea on the sidelines: "We haven't had a QB who can make that throw since Jay. Larry, this is your time."

I am absolutely loving Stacy ---- and there's Larry to Justin Green for the first TD! Great concentration after the bobble. Perfect pass.

Smothering defense so far. Now time to put points on the board.

Myron's looking great on the coverage so far. Why are they throwing that side anyway?

Tough first outing for Fowler. He absolutely shanked that thing.

What is that play call on 3rd and 8? Option to the short side of the field? Same old Ted...

Turnover #2 for the D -- attaboy Tim and Chris. That QB has NO time.

Almost pick #1 for Myron.

Larry's gotta be smarter with the football. Love the effort, but no need to go full extension for the goalline right there.

Is it too early to say it? Zac Stacy is the future...

Great start for the defense...


duke0090 said...

Just created a new Vanderbilt Football youtube account. This is my first time doing this so I will try and improve it later.

I have uploaded some videos from the Vanderbilt vs Western Carolina game. Hope you like it. The link is below:

Anonymous said...

can we stop with the "commies" thing? i heard an announcer say that last night and almost got sick. i know we talked about it on here years ago, but i thought it was a total joke - we're not red, we're not (all) left wingers, we can think of something that's better than that. it sounds like it's an ironic-type nickname that someone from duke would think of.

what happened to 'Dores? You cant "Slam 'em Commies"...

Anonymous said...

But you can slam american idol. it sucks