Thursday, August 20, 2009

VSL Hotline: Is the SEC Coming For Us?

According to Ken Belson and Tim Arango's article in today's New York Times, the SEC is looking to crack down on dissemination of video and pictures from games. A new rule announced by the league prohibits fans from distributing photographs or video of its games in real time for commercial use. My wife is concerned they are going to take me away in handcuffs for live-blogging, which was briefly mentioned in the article talking about an on-going controversy in Wisconsin. Live-blogging was not a focal point of the article, and despite not taking any copyright law, I have a difficult time believing the SEC is really interested in restricting speech in such a way. Still, this is certainly something the rabid fan-base of VSL should be made aware of.

Jeff Lockridge's Tennessean article this morning looks at the no-huddle offense Vanderbilt has implemented. According to the story, the team has picked up the new offense quickly. A recurring theme in the article described the new offense as "two-minute" like, with the goal of getting plays off with between 18 and 22 seconds on the play clock.

Jeff double-dips with a story about Vanderbilt's practice routine last night: a trip to the movies. According to Lockridge's story, Coach Bobby Johnson was is so happy with the team's progress, he decided to give the team a night at the movies. The team say the new Jeremy Piven movie The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. I didn't realize the movie was still in theaters, but I think Piven and the producers own the team some love since their attendance last night had to result in a spike in ticket sales.

David Boclair talks basketball in today's Nashville City Paper, noting that junior A.J. Ogilvy is one of 50 players named to the John Wooden watch list.

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