Monday, August 24, 2009

VSL Hotline: Bobby's Last First Day of School, Edition

Readers of this site have known for some kind that Coach Kevin Stallings used the money he was owed in contractually obligated raise to fund the team's recent jaunt to Australia. Still, it's a great story and was certainly worthy of a front page story in yesterday's Tennessean, to say nothing of national attention.

Today's must-read comes from David Boclair and the Nashville City Paper. This week, Vanderbilt's coaching staff, under NCAA Rules, will have to announce this season's opening game depth chart. Predicting what that will look like, David has a few surprising prognostications: first, the battle for #2 at running back appears to be between freshmen Zac Stacey and Warren Norman (no Wesley Tate); second, Boclair predicts converted safety Brent Trice will beat out John Stokes for the last linebacker position; third, it looks like the 3 starting wide receivers will be Alex Washington, Udom Umoh, and John Cole. No mention of the battle for place-kicking, and the battle to replace injured Steven Stone at Defensive End is still very much in the air.

Happy Monday, let's get the chatter going.


FiveStarDore said...

That just demonstrates the kind of character that Coach Stallings has as a man and as a leader. It's always refreshing to hear about an individual who is (literally) willing to put his money where his mouth is about setting an example for others.

Could you ever, in your wildest dreams, imagine Urban Meyer or Nick Saban or John "Vacated" Calipari doing that for their PUBLIC school, i.e. pay out of pocket for something like this? I couldn't either.

Smiles all around in Commodore Country. =]

vandygold28 said...

less than two weeks. a home opener with western carolina, a trip to sunny florida for a much needed break, and then on to baton rouge to get yelled at 2000 times, "tiger bait, tiger bait, tiger bait". i will have an LSU shirt awaiting if the unthinkable happens and we win a night game where it never rains so i am not murdered.