Saturday, August 29, 2009

SEC Shootaround: Vanderbilt picked to finish 3rd in East

I know it's football season, but I wanted to share this little basketball nugget with y'all.

The SEC Shootaround page on ESPN contains some good insight into the potential for Southeastern Conference hoops this year. Of note is that Doug Gottlieb, who has started to warm up to the Commies after several seasons of hate, think we'll finish third in the East and be a top-25 team. I think the expectations are higher than that because Gottlieb doesn't account for our bench depth, but regardless I like the positive press. Dicky V didn't even have us in his top 40 teams, which shows why he's a Duke-smooching weiner. As for the seeming media darling that is Kentucky, everybody in the nation is ready to jump on the Calipari train with their load of freshmen phenoms and the return of Patrick Patterson. Everyone except for Memphis that is, who apparently never had a final four team under Calipari.


Woody said...

Down with Dicky V!

Aaron said...

i thought this was a family blog

Anonymous said...

What Gottlieb said about Vandy in his article about 10 other teams to watch not in Dicky V's top 40

Vanderbilt isn't always the easiest place to recruit to, but time after time the vastly underrated Kevin Stallings trots out a winner in Nashville. With all five starters back, that won't change anytime soon. The SEC East was mediocre as a whole last season, but it'll be better this time around, and the Dores will be right there in the mix. Imports A.J. Ogilvy (Australia) and Jeffery Taylor (Sweden) are both back, as are Jermaine Beal and Brad Tinsley. All four averaged double-digit scoring last season. And now they're joined by the team's lone freshman, John Jenkins, who is ranked No. 21 overall in the Class of 2009. The 6-4 shooting guard was a scoring machine in high school, averaging 42.3 ppg and scoring at least 30 in every game. He's perfectly suited for VU's roster. While there is a lot of talk in the SEC about Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi State, Vandy is quietly sitting pretty. Don't sleep on this team.

FiveStarDore said...

I have yet to be convinced that Coach John "Vacated" Calipari will instantly make UK relevant again. They no doubt will be improved over last years squad with all that raw talent, but it usually takes Vacated a couple of seasons to put together a monster. I know that experience on the court doesn't hold the value it once did, but tough road games usually determine conference champions. In that case, Vandy is superior to most SEC teams in spades, while UK is at the bottom of the barrel. The jury is still out.

I like that we're only getting minimal press in the pre-season so we can play the disrespect card and just go out and prove ourselves rather than having to live up to big expectations.

Anything but Gatorade said...

I like what Vanderbilt's bringing to the table this year, but you're crazy if you don't think Kentucky will win at least 25 games this year. I won't disagree with the experience argument, but if you haven't seen North Carolina's recent championship teams (sans Hansbrough), talent is talent, and talent puts wins on the board.