Thursday, August 13, 2009

Playbook Adds a Page...Double Digits In Sight

Mike Organ has an article in the Tennessean about a wildcat formation the Commodores ran in today's 50-play scrimmage. While Coach Johnson specifically said this was not a wildcat, something about a duck comes to mind.

There is an article we wrote now on SECRivals highlighting Vanderbilt's "Impact Freshmen." With that in mind, RB Wesley Tate took a wildcat 17 yards, while Organ reports: "Warren Norman, a freshman running back from Stone Mountain, Ga., was responsible for three of the biggest offensive plays. He broke loose for a 21-yard run around right end, and followed on the next play with a 16-yard gain. He later scored a TD on a 25-yard run."

Running backs Jared Hawkins and Jermaine Doster sat out the scrimmage.

The VSL staff will be celebrating the nuptuals of one of our most loyal readers. Don't worry, we'll have posts up tomorrow before heading to the Nutmeg State. The problem is, about 90% of our readers will be there, posing the question: "If VSL posts and no one reads it, did it really happen?"

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