Sunday, August 16, 2009

Applications Up 16% Following Bowl Victory

Undergraduate applications to Vanderbilt shot up 16% this year, and Chancellor Zeppos attributes at least half of that increase to the Music City Bowl victory. Bobby and his lovely wife agree that this is part of why having a successful SEC football program makes a difference.

With some new offensive scheming and the no-huddle offense having already passed the "noise test," we're getting fired up about the prospect of another bowl in sight.


VandyGold28 said...

No post since Sunday and football is quickly approaching!

Steven Stone's injury hurts BAD and he will be missed severerly in the LSU game. Stewart has also been sitting out of practice.

And John Cole is starting to look injury prone as hell wearing a boot recently. Goodbye to yet another WR. Who is gonna step it up here?

We haven't worn full pads since the scrimmage over the weekend mainly in my mind because of our 12 week back to back schedule and Johnson is worrying about injuries more and more. He should be. I'm still pumped for some football and this frosh class should be better than most we've had but are they ready to compete in the SEC? I hope so, cause the coaching staff is going to be asking a lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Now National Merit finalists with a 34 on the ACT won't get in while a jock who shall go nameless gets in with an 18. I'm all for winning ballgames, but I'm not for academically superb non-athletes getting screwed by the board of admissions. That way when they send out the rejection letter to academically superb non-athletes, they won't have to keep tap-dancing about what they just did by saying how much they want to limit the size of the incoming freshman class.