Thursday, July 16, 2009

VSL Hotline: Midsummer Edition

We are certainly in the dog days of summer where there's not much to talk about on daily basis. If it weren't for Douglas James' recruiting notes (and bar procrastination) VSL would basically have been dark. In the weeks to come, we'll be releasing our 2009-10 Vanderbilt Football Preview (in order to release it, we've got to actually write it). Day-in-day out, there haven't been a lot of articles on the Commodores, so imagine my surprise when this morning's Google Alert resulted in 2 articles VSL worthy:

Chris Low's got a post on on Vanderbilt's status as the only team in the SEC without a bye.

JC Shurburtt also has a post on highlighting how Vanderbilt's recent recruiting success has made them a force in the SEC. From your lips to god's ears, JC.

Also, Mo Patton's got an article in today's Tennessean about John Jenkins transition to college. As the article highlights, John is the only new member of this year's Commodore team. So far, it sounds like he's adjusting nicely.

Finally, a word of advice. Don't buy the Sporting News' College Football Preview. It only gives Vanderbilt (and most other teams) a page of coverage, and the minimal coverage they do give is either wrong (Justin Wheeler, from what I'm hearing, will not be starting the season, if he plays at all) or something you already knew.

Bobby, OUT


Stanimal said...

Stallings tells we Vanderbilt fans we need to be patient.

I find it near impossible to be patient when I think about how excited I am for this team. Don't get me wrong, I'm not expecting Jenkins to be a ridiculously prolific scorer out of the gate, but if he even hits just 2 or 3 bombs out of the gate, combined with Tinsley and Beal, and Taylor shows a little mid-range game and still takes it to the hole strong, and AJ starts playing tough in the middle, and Lance and Steve T. develop, etc. etc. etc. This team has the most potential of any Vanderbilt squad that has ever come through. How can you NOT be excited.

Douglas James said...

5 Commie's named to Pre-season ALL-SEC team

N. P. said...

Vandy gets its sixteenth commit, per Rivals (RB from PA)