Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vandy Gets 12th Commit!!!!!!

Vandy has gotten its 12th public commitment and 2nd from the Pelican State (that's Louisiana supposedly) in CB Karl Butler (the name Karl along w/ the word butler makes me think about Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire but whatever). Anyway Butler is 6'0-6'2 (185). BTW I love how ESPN and Rivals can be so far off on prospects heights/weights. Butler hasn't been ranked by either rivals or ESPN yet but is supposedly a top 20 player in Louisiana and any CB over 6 feet is a solid pick up in my book.

In more interesting news I really suggest everyone take a gander at this blog posting from Jesse Johnson (who is the head recruiting guy at

Jesse always seems to be in the know long before anyone else when it comes to recruiting and if he is even close to being right w/ some of this news this could be an extremely exciting next few months for Vanderbilt football. The talent level of this team has seemingly increased every year and I've been waiting for that big break through where we get some big time ESPN Top 150/ 4 Star level recruits and Jesse, in this post, alludes to this very fact. No matter what this gets me pumped up and hopefully some good news gets broken on this front shortly.

In the mean time everyone have a happy and healthy July 4th weekend.

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Anonymous said...

It's damn near impossible to read that 615 report post and not get a fan-gasm.