Saturday, July 18, 2009

Vanderbilt Strikes Recruiting Gold

Mo Patton's article in today's Tennessean. As we've been reporting, Bobby Johnson and the Commodores have already secured 16 recruits, including 6 "3 star" players as ranked by It's worth mentioning this story got picked up by's Truth and Rumors. National coverage of a Vanderbilt program on the rise can do nothing but help the Commodores secure even more talent.


Seamus O'Toole said...

Wait a minute, now. Let's not limit our focus here. The real news story of the day has to be this little nugget. Freije and Byars scoring a whopping FOUR points apiece in a summer league game, good enough for weakest performances on their respective teams. Sweet action.

But in all seriousness, this recruiting success has me fired up. The news reports unfortunately make it sound like we're going toe to toe with LSU and Alabama in this recruiting season. Obviously we can't expect that we will be in the running with them for the best of the best come next Jan/Feb. Total numbers only tell you so much. (See Ole Miss having only two commits so far despite the fact that they are DEFINITELY in the running for some big-time players.)

That said, these commits are on the whole much more hyped than we've had, and you can only hope for a snowball effect to get some more three- (and maybe four-) stars. Winning begets winning, and the same applies on the recruiting trail. Go Commies.

Douglas James said...

Who is this? I thought Seamus O'Toole died in some freak Cylo explosion or something and that's why he hasn't posted on this blog in months. Good to have you back who ever you are.