Thursday, July 30, 2009

NY State Bar Exam 1, Douglas James Nothing

Man the bar sucked. Hopefully I passed but what a mentally exhausting 2 days. But now that its over I can get back to talking Vandy sports. While I was in my cave studying for the bar I missed 2 new Vandy recruits. Both guys had been rumored to have been committed to the Commies for a while now so neither was too surprising though its nice to see them finally make it public.

First was WR/Athlete Bradley Roby. Roby from Georgia is ranked 78 by and 3 star by Rivals. The 2nd was DT Vince Taylor. Taylor is rated as a 77 by ESPN and is also a 3 star recruit on Rivals. Taylor's commitment gives the Commies 4 highly rated DT verbals. I hope all 4 remain committed but if we get 3 out of the 4 to sign on signing day I'll be happy.

These 2 commits bring the total commitment number to 20. All signs point to Vandy taking a full class this year (which would be 25 guys since we don't oversign like every other SEC team). The only position I think we need to still address would be the offensive line. Max Garcia, James Stone are the top 2 options (though getting Stone will be tough). Ok I'm off to enjoy my first day of freedom (by packing up my apartment for the sad move back to my parents house tomorrow morning).


Anonymous said...

try the CPA exam if you think that's hard.

Anything but Gatorade said...

Congrats on getting through, Douglas. Don't listen to those accounting nerds.