Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Studying for the Bar SUCKS!!!!!!

Not much going on in the world of Vanderbilt Sports but I'm pretty bored sitting here studying. Anyway got anything interesting to say? Starting 5 for next years B-Ball team? Who should be the starting QB? Next break out baseball player? Please anything will do.

Here is a couple lines from a Vandy article on about next years team (specifically JJ).

"He very well might be the best shooter in this freshman class," said Jerry Meyer, a national recruiting analyst for "And he's developed the rest of his game so that he can score at an SEC level. He's not just a shooter. Over the last year, he's really improved his offensive game. He's a smart player, and this system will work for him. Vanderbilt does a lot of creative things to get shooters shots, and I think he'll be a focal point of their offense."

While I'm excited to see what JJ can do, I'm not sure he will be the focus point of the offense quite yet. I still think we are gonna mostly go through AJ and Taylor and hoping that opens JJ for 4-5 trey's a game. I just don't think CKS is gonna hand the reins of the offense to a frosh, even one as super talented as JJ seems to be.

The article goes on to say how our stability (returning everyone from last year), while UK, UF lost significant contributors and are bringing in several young yet talented guys. Not to mention UK will be installing a new offense. Anyway would love to just rant about anything Vanderbilt related right now.


Anonymous said...

The men's SEC tourney is going to be in Nashville next year, at the Sommett Center...

Douglas James said...

Wow. Well anything has to be better then how we play in Tampa or the Georgia Dome. But like always I expect the SEC tournament to be during Spring Break which means limited student support.

Stanimal said...

Why must I always temper my excitement? It's really hard to do when you think about the prospects this team has.

This team should improve a lot as long as we can keep Ogilvy healthy. That will be the quintessential factor in this team reaching its potential.

We all want to put Jenkins on a pedestal, but I think Douglas James is right. Jenkins is in a good position because all he needs to do is come in and hit the three ball when it's wide open. The beauty of all this talent around is that Jenkins doesn't have to steal the spotlight immediately, but if he somehow does, then it's only gravy for us.

The thing I'm most excited about, however, is seeing the improvement of the team, not only as individuals, but as a whole. If everyone reaches their potential, this team can run with anyone, even the big bad recruits at Kentucky. It's going to be a fun season, but this year it will hopefully have more ups than downs.

Anonymous said...

Basketball starting 5: Ogilvy, Beal, Taylor, Jenkins, and..... probably a whole heck of a mix depending on when we play, who we play, matchups, who is playing well, etc. I bet we see several different players. Tinsley sometimes if we go smaller. Walker will be back and is a potential. McClellan and maybe Ezeli at times if we want to go really big and if Ezeli improves. He was starting to impress me last year from a hustle, shot blocking, and aggressiveness perspective. Drake could start some too, maybe senior night! Man I wish he'd step it up and be consistent. Of course Goulbourne and Steve could start too. In all honesty, I have no idea on the 5th guy and it could very well be every single one of those guys for at least one game this season.