Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Commies Gets 3rd 2010 Football Recruit

Vandysports.com and ESPN.com are reporting that Vanderbilt has received their 3rd public commit. This one's name (I kid you not) is Nash Nance. Clearly this kids nick name will be "Nashville." Anyway the 6'4, 205lb QB from the Peach State selected the Black and Gold over offers from Miss State, West Virginia and Harvard. Rivals rates Nash(Ville) as a 3-star rated QB while ESPN.com is yet to grade the kid. Obviously any 3-star rated QB is a good pick up for Vandy and I love the kids size. The only negative I see is that Vandy seemed to be recruiting some higher rated QB's that I was hoping they might get. I honestly know nothing about Nance so not gonna bash him. I do think it will be interesting seeing how he competes against a kid like Charlie Goro (who is a shorter more spread offense type QB I think) a couple years down the road. Anyway I think the commitments will start coming in pretty quickly in the next month or 2 as rising seniors attend various camps and the Vanderbilt staff get to see recruits up close and recruits get to see campus and see what great teachers the whole staff is. BTW sun burn doing slightly better today though it was rather embarrassing showing up to my bar review class yesterday morning looking like a lobster.

UPDATE: June 11, 11:22

ESPN.com has now graded Nash (that was quick). He gets a 73 (which is solid). The most important thing in his evaluation is that they say he looks like a late-bloomer. This is due to the fact that up until this year he has played in a very run orientated offense and hasn't had the chance to throw the ball as much. This should change now (his teammate and best friend supposedly is Da'Rick Rogers who just committed to UGA), Da'Rick is one of the top WR prospects in the country.



Hey Doug, we've detailed the other three quarterbacks with Vandy offers over at moral-victory.blogspot.com

All of them were rated higher than Nance.

Do you think Vanderbilt will keep pursuing these other guys or were they just looking for one QB? At least two of them, Burns and Gibson, could play elsewhere and Robinson is tall, strong and fast and could be a Steven Bright type of back if he doesn't stick at QB.

Nance is the one guy who'd have the hardest time switching positions.

Douglas James said...

Obviously I don't know the Staff's thought process but I personally don't like when you take more than 1 QB in each class. I think its best to take 1 each year (so have 4 to 5 QB's on the roster depending on redshirting). If they want to take an Athlete who could play QB and if not could switch to another position I'd be fine w/ that but w/ the depth issues Vandy always has I think taking 2 true QB's in one class would be a big mistake.

Unknown said...

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