Monday, May 25, 2009

Vanderbilt earns NCAA Bid; Headed to Louisville

Vanderbilt will take on Middle Tennessee State (Old Man, it's on) in their first round game in the NCAA Baseball Tournament. Vanderbilt earned a 3 seed, with Middle getting a 2. Vanderbilt and MTSU split the season series 1-1. Big East Champion Louisville is the #1 seed, who will face Big Ten Champion Indiana. Given the proximity of Louisville to all the teams, this has the potential to be a well-attended regional. Unfortunately my father-in-law decided to be born 60 years ago from the weekend Vanderbilt would be playing in the tournament. I guess he didn't expect us to make the championship game either.

The winner of the Louisville region will face the winner of the Cal State Fulerton regional. Cal State Fulerton is the #2 overall seed. LSU, who beat Vanderbilt 6-2 in the SEC Championship Game yesterday, are the #3 overall seed, with SECers Florida earning the 8th overall seed, and Ole Miss also earning a #1 seed. All 8 SEC tournament teams were selected in the field of 64. To see a complete bracket, click here.

Dates and times for the opening round games have yet to be announced.


Andrew Banecker said...

Though we certainly played well enough to deserve a #2 seed (over the weekend, I mean... not before that, so I didn't expect anything but a #3) I honestly can't complain with the bracket we were put into. Honestly, look at all the other #2 seeds and who they have to beat to advance. Once you're finished, try to convince me that Vandy doesn't have an easier path to the super regionals than any of them. We have to beat MTSU (this isn't football, and they won't have 12 players on the field to block a kick, so we should be fine) and Louisville (who has a good lineup, but no pitching). If all goes right, we won't even face Indiana, so no reason to analyze them.

Granted, Fullerton will be a beast to tackle in the Supers, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Other thoughts: UC Irvine's region is stacked. LSU was given three #4 seeds to beat up on.


Unknown said...

maybe this will be the year that we overachieve. just don't seem to do well when we are expected to. i.e. not making it out of the regionals with stud david price who's last pitch was a homer to a freshman.

Colin said...

BBall notes of interest: Calathes is going to Greece next year and will be foregoing his last two years of killing Vanderbilt in transition.

John Calipari apparently did some shady things in Memphis before bailing. Real big shocker. Memphis is now under investigation for an unnamed player who played for one season in 2008, Derick Rose, and cheated on his SATS. Can't wait for Kentucky to eat this decision. Bringing that wonderful moment even closer, star recruit Wall was already arrested for B&E recently, can we start a Kentucky program arrests and violations under Calipari count? what would the over under be? Way to sell your integrity Kentucky, you stay classy.

Stanimal said...

Apparently we're not allowed to post b-ball happenings of other SEC schools. It's totally irrelevant and has no value to the Vanderbilt Sports Community whatsoever.

But I, for one, appreciate your input, Colin.

Colin said...

In fairness until Friday there are no Vanderbilt happenings really worth commenting on. Come friday I would much rather read about our clash with the red headed step child from down the street that is MTSU, then what current move Calipari made that Kentucky Boosters will be regretting. Since it's still thursday though, I'm setting the over/under on arrests and rule violations for Kentucky bball under calipari at 11. Thoughts?