Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jenkins Upgraded to 5-Star Status!!!!!!!

Although this has no impact on how good he will be and is something a lot of people expected its still great to see JJ get the recognition he deserves for an unbelievable senior year. Along with being moved to a 5-star recruit (which I believe is our first ever?) he was also moved up to the #15 recruit in the country. This is some excellent pub for Vanderbilt and hopefully helps with the 2010 recruiting of Casey Prather and a PG or Power Forward to go with him.

In other JJ news he will be playing in the Reebok All-American game in D.C. Obviously not as prestigious as the McD's one but still is good for John and the school.

Here is an article about the newest WR signee Colin Ashley:

Baseball is on a little roll:

Finally the Music City Bowl is being moved up to December 27th but will be on ESPN at Prime Time:

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