Friday, April 24, 2009

Clearly I'm not studying for finals or writing any of my papers due next week

As I come to the end of my law school career I figure I might as well procrastinate just as much as I did every other finals period. Anyway here is a link to a very interesting article that was posted on Vandy's Rival site ( the other day:

Basically the premise is that if you have experience up front good things will happen. This looks like he could be a good thing for the Commies as we have alot of guys coming back with starting experience: Thanks to Jesse at Vandysports for compiling the starts for all the Dores returning OL (and I failed in my own research).

Bradley Vierling....13
Thomas Welch........13
Ryan Custer.........12
Reilly Lauer........10
Kyle Fischer.........7
Eric Hensley.........7
Joey Bailey..........5

Now obviously this is not the only thing that will determine success but it is a good starting off point. We also have alot more depth than in previous years on the line in case any of these guys go down.

Now How bout some chatter about where DJ Moore might go this weekend? I know he didn't run a good 40 and he is under-sized but he has a ridiculous vertical to make up for it. One problem that hurts DJ is even though the SEC is the most talented league in college football, the passing offenses having exactly been prolific the past few seasons. Anyway where is the best situation for DJ to land? I know I would personally love the Jets to take him in the 2nd round to go along side Darrelle Revis.

Mo Patton doesn't like that DJ's draft stock has dropped -

What about Rashard Langford? Do you guys think he gets drafted? Its been very quiet with talk about him so my guess is no but I think he is a steal as an undrafted free-agent.

C'mon guys I'm bored what do you think?


Anonymous said...

american idol still sucks

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