Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Next?

The recriminations from tonight's game will have VSL Nation talking until we find out our post-season fate. Certainly, we'll be talking about it. With all that said, what do expect the Commodores' future to be:


Douglas James said...

I think we prob deserve a home game BUT the NIT is very political and so fan bases come into play when deciding who gets home games. Plus I think several SEC teams get into the NIT (including Florida and UK) which essentially kills our chances of getting a home game.

That being said this was a very odd game. First off AJ doesn't score at all (he seems to miss all his big free throws) yet had a very good game in other aspects. Then our perimeter D which has been suspect all year was good but we gave up about 795 dunks and put backs. Brad had his best game as a Commie in my opinion. Taylor also played well. I was pretty disappointed in Beal's play.

Finally as talented as we are and will be next year with the addition of Jenkins we will never be a national contender of any kind until we learn to win on the road and on neutral courts. Part of this is scheduling by Stallings. We need to have better OOC games. I think playing in the Maui next year is huge but I would like seeing us play teams REAL road games in the beginning of the season. Even complete trap games against Belmont/MTSU are games I think we should sched. I don't care about racking up useless wins against nobodies in Memorial in November.

Interested what happens with the NIT but very disappointed with another weak showing in the SEC tourney.

Stanimal said...

Defense was nothing short of awful. The only reason perimeter defense was decent is because Alabama only took 5 shots from 3-land. The rest of the time they were getting backdoor alley oops or they were straight up taking it to Ogilvy in the post. Who needs to shoot the trey when you can just out athlete us in the middle.

I was surprised to see that we only slightly lost the rebounding battle. It seemed to me from watching the game that Alabama's post play was much more dominant.

AJ got frustrated and didn't have a very good game. Dolla had a TERRIBLE game. Usually when those two are off, we're not going to win. But you have to be encouraged by Tinsley and Taylor's performance, and even George's off the bench. They really carried the load and kept us competitive in this game, and that's a good demonstration of our improvement. But we have to have more consistency from our starting five, Beal and A.J. disappear too often for long stretches of the game.

I think we'll probably make the NIT, but this game definitely forces us onto the bubble for that tournament. It certainly takes the opportunity for a home game away. Regardless, I hope it's not the last opportunity these guys have to play this year, because we could really use the post-season experience.