Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Game at a Time...

If Vanderbilt's going to dance, they've got to go deep into the SEC (apologies for the error) Tournament (if not win it outright)...that certainly seems to be the consensus among the beat reporters, Mo Patton and David Boclair in today's Tennesseean and Nashville City Paper. Vanderbilt opens up in the SEC Tournament tonight against Alabama at 7:30 eastern, 6:30 central.

What Vanderbilt's got going for it:
- The tournament isn't being played in Atlanta, where the Commodores have never played well
- Vanderbilt has won 3 straight and one of the hottest teams in the SEC
- Vanderbilt beat Alabama earlier this year 79-74 at Memorial

What Vanderbilt's got going against it:
- They NEVER play well in the SEC tournament (Stallings is 6-9 and only made it to the semifinals once)
- Alabama is also hot heading to Tampa, winners of 4 of their last 5 including a buzzer-beater over Tennessee in Knoxville to end the season has a great primer, including Game Notes for tonight's game.

What are you looking for tonight?


Old Prospector said...

We can only dance if we win the NCAA tournament??? I'd be doing a lot more than that if we win the NCAA tournament.

Stanimal said...

Ogilvy has to own the post like he did against LSU and he needs to sustain that dominance throughout the tournament. That's really the key to success for us here.