Saturday, March 14, 2009

NITology: Who to Root For

UPDATE (Sunday, 12:16 CDT): Right now, if NITlogy is to be believed, the Commodores are on the outside looking in. Unfortunately, there's not much Vanderbilt can do except root for Mississippi State and hope for the best.

UPDATE (7:41): 1 for 3 so far with only USC helping the Commodore cause. We'll keep updating as the night goes on, in the mean time, let's go San Diego State

UPDATE: Based on this most recent NIT Bracket, Vanderbilt fans need to be rooting for Mississippi State to earn an automatic bid to NCAA tournament (one win away after beating LSU 67-57), and Auburn to beat Tennessee and leap-frog South Carolina for the SEC's 3rd at-large bid. It's possible that MSU, if they earn an automatic, will foreclose a third SEC team from getting an at-large.

Other teams to that can help Vanderbilt's NIT hopes: Baylor winning the Big 12 and USC winning the PAC 10, as well as Utah State winning the WAC, Morgan St. winning the MEAC, Stephen F. Austin winning the SLND, and Alabama St. winning the SWAC.


Stanimal said...

While I think the guy looks at things pretty rationally, picking the NIT is not an exact science. There's a whole lot of random error between how committee members of the NIT will vote. It's all based on ballots by individual committee members. I think he's pretty spot on that if we get in, we'd be an 8 or 7 seed, but picking those last few teams to get in is kind of a crap shoot.

This definitely sucks though. The Commies might be done for the year.

Bobby O'Shea said...

CBI here we come...