Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jay's Still Not Happy...

ESPN.com's Bill Williamson is reporting that a conference call between Jay and the Broncos to "patch things up" after word broke that Denver's new coach expressed interest in his former quarterback in New England Matt Cassel was not the "let bygones be bygones" chat Denver fans were hoping for. According to this report, the meeting did not go well...I don't want to speak for Douglas James, but I know this Jets fan would be more than happy to have Cutler suiting up for Gang Green.


The Denver Post's Mike Klis was on the Dan Patrick Show today talking about the Cutler situation. Klis thinks Cutler wants out of Denver.


Douglas James said...

100% agreed. I would love to see the Jets trade for Cutler.

Anonymous said...

Cutler is a huge d-bag. Good quarterback, but a crybaby outside of the gridiron. With a 17-20 record, his status is nowhere near that of a Brady or Manning, and he needs to quit listening to Bus Cook and act like a 25 yr. old QB with something to prove.