Thursday, February 5, 2009

Signing Day Articles

Have a decent amount of work to do today but figure I would post some articles having to do with National Signing Day.

ESPN gives us a C-, worst in the league. However it should be noted that several teams (most notably Ole Miss) oversign their class as many players end up not qualifying and then need to go to a prep school or junior college so while our class might not be the strongest at least we know everyone is actually coming to our School.

Mo Patton talks about how we got 4 in state kids this year. This is important if only because next year is supposedly going to be a banner year for the state of Tennessee recruiting so we want to keep those contacts strong.

Nashville City Paper does its thing. Although I miss the Man we Love to Hait, City Paper continues to do an excellent job of covering Vandy Sports (many times out doing the Tennessean).

I think the talent at our skill positions will be much improved next year with the addition of Brown and transfer stud Terrence Jeffers (who the guys at think was easily the best offensive player on the team last year but was sitting out due to Transferring). I just hope Ted Cain has a brain transplant like that 80's movie with Fred Savage and Judge Reinhold.
Anyway here is an article about Brown.

Charlie Goro reminds me of former Hawaii QB Colt Brennan in terms of body type and skills. While many doubt Brennan can be a pro QB none can doubt his NCAA career.,pr-gorofb-020509-s1.article

That's about it for now. Excited to watch the Men's BBall team play tonight. Hopefully we can get some momentum going in the next few games and work our way back to .500 in conference play.

UPDATE: 11:46

I love the Conference Blogs on ESPN. Chris Low does a great job of covering the SEC and gives Vandy a ton of good pub. You know all the other SEC fans cringe whenever he writes an article praising Vandy. Here is his list of the All-SEC recruiting "Nobodies". None of the Vanderbilt choices are all that surprising but its a fun article none the less.




Anonymous said...

where are the bama game comments and ole miss preview? how long is drake out? why was graham missing from the bench last night? is he okay? no longer a player?

Douglas James said...

Supposedly he missed the game for family reasons.