Monday, February 9, 2009

SEC Pre-Season Power Rankings

Now that signing day is over Chris Low has to manufacture some of his own news for the SEC Blog on In this article he has his first Power Rankings for the entire SEC.

He ranks the Commies at 10. I think this is only a spot or two lower than I would have the Dores. Sure we have a new QB coming in but we did pretty good with little to no production from that position this year.

The big questions for this team I think are:
1) Playcallling, playcalling, playcalling!!!!!!!!
2) Will a year of experience make this offensive line better or simply just a year older?
3) Can we replace DJ and Langford?
4) Will the new blood at WR (and hopefully RB) be enough to shock this offense to life?

What do you guys think about Low's rankings?

What are your predictions for Saturday?

Has everyone seen "I'm on a Boat"?????????


Anonymous said...


Aaron said...

There is no way that UT should be ranked ahead of us, despite the fact that they beat us last year. Is Lane Kiffin really that good? So far all he has done is piss everyone off and let the world know that he married WAY out of his league.

Tony Arnold said...

So far I am disappointed because obviously we are stuck with Ted Cain again this year.

I sure hope that we see major adjustments from the offensive staff in their style.

At a minimum, I would like to see the QB draw be reduced to way below 50% occurrence rather than the 60-75% it was this year.

Other than losing DJ and Langford, the team should be better overall.

Anonymous said...

goodbye jamie graham.....