Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DJ Disappoints at the Draft Combine

NFL Draft Guru had this to say about DJ's combine performance:

D.J. Moore (Vanderbilt) performed so poorly that he looked like a completely different person than the corner we broke down on film. He didn't run well (an unofficial 4.56 in the 40), and he struggled when asked to flip his hips, turn and run with receivers during drills. Making matters worse, he measured 5-9 and weighed 192 pounds. Without question, his stock took a hit, and scouts will revisit the game film to see whether they missed anything.

Hopefully DJ was sick or maybe hurt himself during his first 40 run or something and will run much better at his pro day. Because if he doesn't improve he will most probably drop out of the 1st round and maybe late into the 2nd.

Obviously he can't improve on his height but his 40 time and hip fluidity are two things he needs to get straight if he is gonna be a first rounder.

In other news Josh Cooper (Vandy Grad 2005, a friend of mine and a fellow New Yorker) got his first article picked up by Its an insider article but anyone with a subscription should check it out.


Bobby O'Shea said...

Am I crazy to think that DJ Moore's less than stellar performance at the combine is less important for his draft stock than it was for Jay Cutler or Chris Williams?

I say that because I feel like, given Vanderbilt's somewhat limited talent when Williams and Cutler were there, it was harder for NFL scouts to know how much either player could affect a game. I don't think the same can be said about DJ. He has proven himself time and again over the past 2 seasons (especially this last one) as a big game player who can almost single-handedly take over a game.

While I agree with Douglas James that Moore needs to have a strong Pro Day, I think he can still be a first round pick.

Then again, it's possible I'm completely off on this one

Anonymous said...

That sucks for DJ.

But not as bad as american idol sucks.