Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bowl Ticket Information

VUCommodores.com's Bowl Bandwagon site has a lot of great information about Vanderbilt's bowl game. The announcement will be made next Sunday, but fans are encouraged to "pre-order" tickets for whatever bowls you think you'd like to attend. Preference will be given to National Commodore Club Members, so if you've been meaning to join now is the time. You can join by clicking the NCC link on the right-hand side of the page. You can request your bowl tickets here


Douglas James said...

Check out the boxscore from the Station Camp/Lipscomb game. John Jenkins is a stud and could make this team scary good next year.


Stanimal said...

Haha, I saw that. 55 points. Absolutely absurd.

I really wish this bowl selection process wasn't being played so close to the vest.

Anonymous said...

we got beat by 19 last night. by UIC...... not to under mind that team. they are good. but to allow mayo to have the best 3 point shooting performance in memorial gym EVER is embarassing.

Stanimal said...

Not a good performance, at all. Very disappointing.