Monday, December 15, 2008

Basketball game moved to 11am

Hey so the Vandy Men's basketball game against St. Francis (PA) on New Years Eve has been moved to 11am. I personally plan on going to the first half then heading down to LP Field for bout 2 hours of Tailgating before the football game.


Anonymous said...

the game is still too late in my opinion. i think it should've been moved to the day before if it was at all possible. maybe they tried and st. francis or vandy couldn't. who knows. but i won't be attending the basketball game. even if you leave after the first half it'll be noon. by this time, traffic on NYE in nashville will be a mess and at best you're looking at a 30 min to 45 min commute to parking near LP field. that puts you parked around 12:45 and about an hour and 15 before you gotta start walking to/toward the field from where ever you're lucky enough to park. i'll be arriving at LP field just a little before basketball tips off to tailgate.

Aaron said...

Is anybody else as impressed as i am with the play of Jeff Taylor (13/6 avg.) This kid has game, and along with Croc OG is the future.