Sunday, November 16, 2008

Men's Basketball Did Alright Too

It was not a pretty start for the Commodores, but a win is a win and the freshmen played pretty well.

Jeffery Taylor had 16, Brad Tinsley had 12, Lance Goulbourne had 11, A.J. had 12, and Dolla had 10, to take the Commodores to their first win in the Cancun Invitational over Morehead State 74-48.

The Dores got a slow start perhaps shaking off some of the jitters of youth. All told, by the end of the game, they turned the ball over a staggering 24 times, with 10 of those coming within the first 10 minutes of the game. This is nothing too surprising given the Commodores youth, but Vandy will need to cut down on that number sooner rather than later.

Steve Tchiengang did not play and is ineligible under NCAA rules for the first five games of the season based on an International player policy with the NCAA. Vanderbilt announced that this was not unexpected as it is apparently common for players from other countries who live with host families in the U.S. If anybody knows more about that than me, please feel free to comment.

All in all, a win is a win and this was the young guys first shot at the big show. Not a bad performance and certainly encouraging to see guys in double digits. Dolla turned the ball over 4 times, a bit too much for my tastes considering he is one of our most experienced players. But there is no doubt that this team has some talent.


Clark said...

Steve was suspended because it was determined that he received benefits from his Houston host family while he was in high school. It's not that common, but it doesn't seem like a huge deal. He went to a private school in Houston that also had Hasheem Thabeet, and the way that the students came over and were adopted into the host families was kind of shady.

Anonymous said...

It's Jeffery Taylor, not Jefrey. Please pass this to the retards at Rivals as well.

Douglas James said...

The turnover are troubling especially from Beal but to see so many guys scoring in double figures is a great sign. HUGE game this week against Illinois. I know they have been down recently but they are still a talented team and Big Ten (in basketball at least) is a very good conference.