Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Good News...

We are still going to a bowl (despite absolutely falling apart down the stretch). But what Vanderbilt fans should be really excited about (besides the basketball team) is that the Larry Smith Era began tonight. I, for one, was very impressed with Larry Smith's play in the second half. He was cool under pressure, threw the ball well (despite the late interception), and really put the team in a position to win the game. It's a different game if Sean Walker catches the beautiful 60-yard strike Smith threw from inside Vanderbilt's 10 down 17-10. I am almost certain it won't happen, but Larry Smith, as far as I am concerned, is now QB1 and should be the bowl game starter.

As for the bowl game, the best we can now hope for is the Music City Bowl. Kentucky losing to Tennessee helps, but the Peach/Chick-fil-a Bowl is almost certainly going to invite South Carolina.

It's been a little quiet on VSL, and with law school exams coming up, it's bound to stay that way (unless any of us just really need to procrastinate). Still, we want to hear from you. What do you think?

What bowl do you think we will end up at? Where do you want to end up? What did you think of Larry Smith?

It's been a while, but Bobby is both back and OUT.


Tony Arnold said...

I don't think I realized until the Wake game how beat up we were and how much this has affected our 2nd half of the season.

I think it shows how much Vandy has improved on the quality athlete side, but that we still are not up to the SEC top third in depth and it hurts as the season rolls on. But we certainly have more depth than years past which is why we can get 6-7 wins.

Either that or CBJ and staff have utilized some of the depth available like Larry Smith enough this season.

Douglas James said...

Larry Smith needs to be the starter. Adams was awful last night. Can't believe Walker dropped that ball. Really excited about the bball team. When Tshiengang and Gouldbourne get back this team will be much improved. Losing Andre Walker for the year hurts

Seamus O'Toole said...

If you told me before the season that we'd be headed to a bowl game, I would have been elated. Getting to a bowl has been the benchmark for success at least since the Jay Cutler era, and we've finally done it. But after starting 5-0 and finishing 1-6, it's hard for me not to consider this season a disappointment -- regardless of which bowl (i.e., Liberty or Music City) we get.

I, Debbie Downer, also heart Larry Smith.

Anonymous said...

If you think we are going to get anything but the worst bowl (liberty) that the SEC can get you are crazy. No one wants us, we suck. This season has been terrible since the 5-0 start. Ted Cain is a moron and should be hung from kirkland. Scoring 17 total points against wake and duke!!!

Larry Smith should not start, it should be Adams or Nickson. Smith has played a total of 1 half this year. Starting him would be like starting Matt Cassel in the superbowl last year. But who knows, in the end it doesnt matter who starts because the play call will be this: Run the ball up the middle, run the ball of the left tackle, short slant pass to a TE (preferable BB), Punt. Play defense, repeat, except this time the punt will be only 12 yards giving them great field position, and our defense is not that good.

That being said, at least we made a bowl game.

Anonymous said...


You must not watch much Vandy football.

The playcalling is:
1. Run up the middle
2. Slant pass
3. QB keeper
4. Punt

And, if things get rough:
1 - 3. QB keeper

Seamus O'Toole said...

Anonymous: You're going to need a better analogy than that to convince us.

Chris Nickson and Mackenzi Adams :: Tom Brady?

Liberty Bowl :: Super Bowl?

The Larry Smith-at-QB question seems at least worthy of debate. If Smith is the guy next year, you could argue that experience in a bowl game would provide the perfect transition so he can hit the ground running come spring/summer. If he has a rough go of it and we lose, that's be a shame but not an utter tragedy. You said it yourself: it's the Liberty Bowl.

Drew said...

The sad thing is that despite finally making it to a bowl game, I've still got that same old losing taste in my mouth. I'll never forget the glow I felt after the first half of the season, but 1-6 is a sour final act. Deep breath, now say it with me: "There's always next year."

Stanimal said...

I'm conflicted about what to do here. As difficult as Chris's career has been, you have to feel some sense of obligation to him to let him start. These seniors are a huge part of why we have advanced made it where we are. It would be a shame to force him to sit in his final game as a Commodore in a game he fought hard to make.

On the flip side, you want to win this game, and Smith gave us a little flash of his capability. Based on the performances by both Nickson and Adams over the course of this season and the sudden flash that Smith showed, you have to think that it might be time for a QB change and time to throw the kid in the fire.

Maybe you start Nickson, but if he doesn't step up quickly you go with Smith. Certainly don't go with Adams, as I think Smith has to have moved past him on the depth chart. I dunno, it's a tough call.

Anonymous said...

In the first sentence of your second to last paragraph "What do you think we will end up at?"
Is that the way English is taught today at Vanderbilt?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps. However, I'd like to know what school taught you that the way in which you pointed out his mistake ("In the first sentence of your second to last paragraph 'What do you think we will end up at?'") was a complete thought.