Monday, October 27, 2008

So What's the Answer?

The way I see it, the Commodores have 3 options to try and get their woes on offense sorted out.

1) Change quarterbacks again.  And by change I don't mean go with Nickson or Adams, but with Larry Smith or Jared Funk.

2) Remove play-calling duties from Ted Cain or fire him outright.

3) Allow no one else in the offense to touch the ball other than Jared Hawkins, D.J. Moore, or Jamie Graham.  That includes kicking duties.

Having the 115th ranked offense out of 119 teams is just flat out unacceptable, at any school anywhere.  I would be less frustrated if it were a matter of not having the talent to perform on offense.  But that is clearly not the case.  Between Hawkins, Graham, Moore when he's in, Sean Walker, George Smith and Brandon Barden, there are weapons that we should be able to produce yards with.  The coaching on offense just straight up isn't cutting it.

I've been disappointed with Adams play at quarterback the past two weeks.  He shows flashes of brilliance at times but then manages to disappoint with poor reads and erratic throws.  We have to have more production at the quarterback position.  Unfortunately I think we're stuck between a rock and a hard place there, because aside from Nickson and Adams our other QBs have zero experience.

But the fact of the matter is that this all boils down to how poor a job Ted Cain is doing, and has done, for the past two years.  We haven't been in the top 100 in offense of all FBS teams since 2006.  And in the total number of years Ted Cain has been here (Seven), only twice has he even cracked the top 50.  I'm not saying that we should be among the nation's elite in offense but for crying out loud we should be towards the middle of the pack at least.

Somebody has got to take the reins away from this guy, and I mean now while a bowl is still salvageable.  Games against Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Wake Forest are less than encouraging.  While Kentucky, Tennessee, and Wake Forest may be somewhat suspect this year, there is absolutely nothing to indicate that we aren't much of the same.  We're not going to win any of those games unless we start putting some points on the board, and that includes the kicking game where the once pseudo-reliable Hahnfeldt has suddenly morphed to a tremendous choke-show.

Please please please please please don't squander this season while we're on the brink of a breakthrough.


Boyer in the District said...

Now you Vandy fans see what it's like to have an incompetent coach calling plays, yes? Any understanding on why I kept calling for Houston Nutt's head for years yet? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

At this point in the season, Vandy reminds me of a certain political candidate.

Someone who only six weeks ago was leading an insurgency – a sexy outsider with seemingly unlimited potential.

And someone who now has been exposed as a clumsy, fatally-flawed, in-over-her-head politician ... who might not ever recover from the hits she’s taken during the past several weeks.

Just sayin ...


Aaron said...

Putting in Larry Smith or Jared Funk would be the dumbest coaching move ever. Adams has the experience and the arm to win games. Smith is an unknown commodity who hasnt taken a snap since high schhool.

Firing Ted Cain is the answer, he is terrible and has been terrible ever since he took over the play calling.

Anonymous said...

Obama's a SHE?

Diezba said...

Does Bobby Johnson have the courage -- or see the need -- to get rid of his close friend Ted Cain?

Anonymous said...

don't squander this season? it's squandered already. fire ted cain. will someone make a website?

Anonymous said...

FIRE TED CAIN, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... I can't take this anymore... the tease is painful

Anonymous said...

Just ask the defense to post a shut out for the rest of the season... how hard could that be? I wonder who has a better defense... Duke or Florida?..hmmm

Anonymous said...

they are going to televise the florida game. great. now everyone will see the fluke we really have turned out to be. hopefully georgia beats florida and its the raycom game instead of espn.

VU - 0
UF - 54