Wednesday, September 17, 2008

VSL Hotline: [No Subject], Edition

So I couldn't come up with a clever title. Granted, I didn't try particularly hard, but when it's not there, it's not there.

I've been away for a few days which, if nothing else, means the quality of post has gone up. As everyone in VSL Nation knows, this weekend's game against Ole Miss is HUGE. The hugeness of the game for both teams begs the question, why the hell is this game not on TV? Sorry Boyer in the District, but Alabama at Arkansas is not a better game than a 3-0 Vanderbilt team traveling to a much improved 2-1 Ole Miss. Someone make an argument that ratings is the motivating factor. Please, I beg you. First, this is a VANDERBILT site, so obviously we aren't overly obsessed with "rating" or "hits" or people "actually reading this." Two, having the best games available should be worth something, if not ratings. One of the reasons SEC fans should rejoice that this is the last year JP/Lincoln Financial/Raycom losing the SEC is their inability (or unwillingness) to cover the best games available. End of rant.

The Man We Love to Hait's got a story in today's Nashville City Paper on D.J. Moore. Moore is starting to get the love he so richly deserves. This guy is a game-changer and will be playing on Sundays. Hopefully not until he finishes a 4-year career with the Black and Gold.

Mo's got 2 pieces in today's Tennessean worth a read. Article 1 focuses on Jared Hawkins giving Vanderbilt a much needed ground game. Article 2 offers some welcome news: a wide receiver who might actually play. According to Mo, "Receiver Andrew Diomande, who transferred last summer from Clemson and has been slowed with a toe injury, might make his debut Saturday"

Our friends at Star & Stripe are back with some posts worth a read.

Also, VSL and Hotty Toddy Blog will be doing an exchange tomorrow leading up to Saturday's game. Get pumped.

Bobby, OUT


Boyer in the District said...

I'd never in a million years claim that this year Arkansas/Alabama is a better game than Vandy/Ole Miss...

Frankly I'm not looking forward to us getting our ass kicked, but I'm going to watch anyway.

I can think of some differences in both matches: Alabama is a top-10 team, this is the first SEC game for both teams, the SEC debut for Bobby Petrino, and the fan bases for both teams are larger.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I guess I didn't consider the intrigue of the "Snake Bowl" match-up of Saban v. Petrino.

Still, Bobby's not happy

Anonymous said...

At least we've got Fisher and Gromos coming in clear as a bell on Sirius-XM.

Here's to Joe proclaiming:


Quite a bit this weekend.