Wednesday, September 24, 2008

VSL Hotline: The Hating Begins, Edition

The Man We Love to Hate gives Commodore fans a mixed bag in his Nashville City Paper article this morning. While yesterday's practice saw the return of senior wide receiver George Smith, quarterback Chris Nickson, "dressed out" but did not participate in the non-contact work-out. According to Brett's discussion with Bobby Johnson, "[Chris is] doing fine, but we didn’t want to take a chance... [Chris] says he feels good, but we haven’t let him throw any.” Stay tuned.

Brett is also reporting that starting tight end Austin Monahan will miss the remainder of the season after sustaining a broken left scapula in last week’s game.

The Bleacher Report's Tim Pollock drinks the haterade on Vanderbilt's chances of staying in the Top 25 for any extended period of time. Keep hating, we're happy to play the role of underdog.

Mo Patton's article in the Tennessean highlights how Vanderbilt's success is garnering a lot of national media attention.

Week 4's SEC Power Poll is available at Garnet and Black Attack. Here are the results:

1. Georgia, 247 points (11 first-place votes)
2. Florida, 245 (8)
3. LSU, 232 (3)
4. Alabama, 199.5
5. Auburn, 167.5
6. Vanderbilt, 161
7. Kentucky, 111
8. Mississippi, 100
8. South Carolina, 100
10. Tennessee, 86
11. Mississippi State, 34
12. Arkansas, 33

It's never an open date for VSL Nation, so keep the chatter up.

Bobby, OUT


Old Prospector said...

officially jinxed now...

music city bowl

Anonymous said...

wasn't the whole point that his last name is Hait? We don't actually love to hate him, right? where are the editors on this site?! hah

Douglas James said...

In Mo Patton's Black and Gold blog post he talks about stopping calling Vanderbilt Vandy. What do you guys think? I am ok with it. If we need to stop anything its calling them the "Dores". "Commies" is way better and then we have all that awesome communist imagery to use instead of a freaking door.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. College Gameday in Nashville.

Aaron said...

GAMEDAY!!! We better represent hard...

Unknown said...

you know its a good week when you are on bye week and move up in the polls.