Thursday, September 4, 2008

VSL Hotline: Erin Andrews is Probably Already Here, Edition

I've gotten in trouble recently for lifting my arms in the air in a triumphant pose every time Erin Andrews comes on-screen. I love Bobby's Betty more than anything, but I just can't help myself. If VSL was ever bummed about being denied a press pass, tonight's the night.

I digress. Tonight might be the biggest game of the year for the Commodores, despite coming in the second week. Mo Patton certainly sees it that way, with a piece in today's Tennessean arguing that "SEC crossroads comes early for Vandy, SC." Mo lede is dead on: "Given the traditional hierarchy of the SEC East, it's reasonable to think that any chance Vanderbilt or South Carolina have for a successful season hinges on their success against each other."

Despite this being a pivotal game for both teams, Brett Hait's reporting in today's Nashville City Paper, that Vanderbilt won't have the element of surprise working in their favor after last season's 17-6 win in Columbia.

There are some great non-VSL previews of tonight's game worth a gander. Starting with The Man We Love to Hait's Pre-Game Notes in today's Nashville City Paper. According to Brett, one of the key's tonight will be Nickson's arm: "“We’ll try to make him a thrower and not let him run around too much,” Spurrier said.

Staying with the previews, Mo Patton goes position by position in the Tennessean outlining Vanderbit's strengths and weaknesses headed into tonight's game.

The Tennessean's got a "match-up" piece that's also worth a read. According to this primer: "It may be too much to ask for Vanderbilt to repeat last year's effort — seven sacks, four turnovers — against South Carolina, so the Commodores may have to generate some offense. Whether running or passing, that will start with Chris Nickson."

Our friends at Garnet and Black Attack have a great 5 Reasons post that offers some great insight into what Gamecock fans are thinking headed into tonight's game.

Speaking of Garnet and Black Attack, the first SEC Power Poll has been released. Here's a link and the poll results.

1. Florida, 308 points (13 first-place votes)
2. Georgia, 304.5 (13)
3. LSU, 265.5 (1)
4. Alabama, 239
5. Auburn, 232
6. South Carolina, 166
7. Mississippi, 140
8. Tennessee, 137
9. Kentucky, 124
10. Vanderbilt, 102
11. Arkansas, 56
12. Mississippi State, 32

We're hoping to have a "Commodore Keys" (admittedly, the name needs work) later today. Just in case we don't, you can't say we didn't adequately prepare you for tonight's tilt.

Thanks to the Big Man in Chi-Town for sending this article in the Nashville Scene that evaded the intern's radar about Vanderbilt competing in the SEC by Caleb Hannan.

Bobby will be making a triumphant return to Vanderbilt Stadium tonight, what happens after that is anyone's guess.

Let's hear from you VSL Nation. Bobby, OUT

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