Thursday, September 4, 2008

This Is Worth At Least 1,000 Words...


Anonymous said...

Great game, great win. But the Commies had better take Rice seriously next week. This could be a real trap game.

Woody said...

When do you find a bar, outside of Nashville, outside of alumni clubs, outside of THE SOUTH, that has Vandy on the big screen...?

Answer: Boulder, Colorado.
(Yes, I know it was on ESPN, but so was McCain and baseball...the bar's audio was Vandy's play-by-play.)

When I walked in wearing a Vandy shirt, people went nuts. Apparently, SC isn't too well liked out here....and I love it. I was the only alum in the bar...and IT FELT GOOD!

As the game progressed, I had everyone cheering for Vandy. After tonight, the Lazy Dog (local sports bar) has agreed to fly Vandy's colors and air all games. Just wait until basketball season starts!!

While I can't do much, I try to do my part. GO COMMIES!!


Anonymous said...

What a great game.....Pat Benoist really came out in a big way last night, I was really impressed with him as well as J Hawk. Other than UT, this might be the most satisfying "W" for me after all the smack they talked last year. Although Emanuel Cook did have the decency to apologize for calling Vandy the "sorriest team in the SEC" after we beat them last year. What a sweetheart.

Keep it up, Dores...and don't let your guard down for Rice.