Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Was Thinking the Same Thing... has a post up entitled "Michigan = Vanderbilt?" that is eerily similar to a post I was thinking to put up (but got lazy and started watching the late afternoon games instead). It's certainly a reasonable point. Also, and apologizes to Papa O'Shea (Meek 11 apologist), but the Meek 11 is just that, MEEK. Nice 26-14 win over Ohio for THE Ohio State University. Talk about laying an EGG in victory. I don't know what the line is, but take USC the points and the over, next Saturday won't be pretty.

I'm currently watching the Ole Miss/Wake game and very scared. Both of these teams can play and will be tough opponents for the Commodores. While Vanderbilt can't afford to look past Rice's high powered offense next week, the Ole Miss game on the road looks like it's going to be a real test and anything but a cake-walk. Anyone else out there in VSL Nation watched this game and have any thoughts?

Happy Saturday,


Tait Larson said...

Both the Ole Miss and Wake quarterbacks scare me. They are way better than Chris Smelley. I'd rather face Ole Miss now than later in the season. I think that team will continue to improve. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

saw the 4th quarter. ole miss could've won that game. sucks for SEC....

rice scares the hell out of me. 50 plus against SMU and 46 against memphis right? from an earlier post it sounds like their defense is suspect which we'll need if they are that of a high powered offense. and surely our D is better than smu and memphis???

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought more or less the same when Miami held in there. The announcers said Michigan had dominated the first half but not shown it on the scoreboard. However, Miami's final yardage was very close to Michigan's, so I think they did themselves proud and by extension made us look good.

Hurry up and get your poll up. I want to see if we break the top four on your ballot.

Tony Arnold said...

The Ole Miss/Wake game opens eyes. Both are very tough and we have to play perfect to win at Oxford and continue to create 3-4 turnovers a game.

I agree that playing Ole Miss now is better than later.

I sure hope Wake is a bit beat up by they end of the season. Not a road game I want to enter needing to win for a bowl bid, which is a likely scenario.