Wednesday, August 27, 2008

VSL Poll: Did CBJ Make a Mistake?


Seamus O'Toole said...

All I can think about is this game tomorrow so I'm going to pipe up about this. There's no way to know if CBJ's last-minute approach will help or hurt the team, but I think it at least has the potential to hamstring us given that Nickson hasn't taken the number of reps the past week or two that a starter normally would coming into the first game. That's a problem.

What concerns me more than the late dubbing, though, is the fact that CBJ/Ted Cain appear to be ready to go with a quarterback-by-committee approach without actually saying that's what they're doing. I still haven't heard Bobby say anything other than that both Adams and Nickson are "very capable." I'm concerned that the coaches may be quick to yank one of these guys if he's not getting it done. Which is fine I guess if your game plan is to rotate two QBs in and out depending on situations and who's got the hot hand, but CBJ & Co. purport to be of the "old school" philosophy of picking your horse and sticking with him. Which one is it?

Bottom line: While it may be helpful to make these guys think they're on the hot seat during preseason camp so that they play their best and work hard to get ready, you risk creating a crisis of confidence in the most important position on the field, which happens to be filled by a 20-year old kid, if you go into the first game with that player under the impression that the competition is still ongoing. I think this may be one of those times when CBJ's tight-lipped demeanor runs the risk of backfiring. But I'm not in the locker room so what do I know.

Anonymous said...

Why are you talking about a bunch of psycho-babble bullshit...these kids are football players, not girls. They will be ready to play, if it is by committee or not.

Stanimal said...


See South Carolina 2007
See Georgia 2006
See Florida State 2005,2006, 2007

The point is, you make a decision on who your QB is. You stick with that QB. If he isn't getting the job done after a few games (to the point there is zero improvement), fine, you put in someone else.

But despite the fact that you think it's "psycho-babble bullsh**", QB is the most mental position on the field and you want your guys to have poise. Look at how awful Nickson was last year when he played.