Monday, August 11, 2008

VSL Hotline: Manic Monday, Edition

Practice continues, and as always, there is news to report.

The "emerging player" of the week is redshirt freshman linebacker Chris Marve. according to Mo Patton's piece in yesterday's Tennessean.

Brett Hait shines the spotlight on Brandon Bryant, who as late as last winter, appeared poised to end his college football career with another team, if not all together, in today's Nashville City Paper.

I've thus far been silent on the Farve trade to VSL Nation. Clearly, as a huge fan of the Gang Green, I am thrilled. For the Jets, its an upgrade; for Farve it's a chance to play. What has been lost in the story is all the money the Jets spent this off-season to get better BEFORE trading for Farve. Despite the Jets historic inability to get out of their own way as a franchise, they had a great off-season with the Brett Farve acquisition being the icing on the cake. The Jets have (despite some relatively recent successes) been dubbed lovable losers for quite some time. Still, this off-season the Jets got a lot better with or without Farve.

August 28th can't come soon enough...let's get the chatter going and continue to make VSL your home for the latest on all the happenings from the pre-season practices.


Seamus O'Toole said...

Thanks, O'Shea. I really hadn't heard quite enough about the Brett Favre trade, so your assessment was exceedingly necessary, not to mention timely and informative. I have no doubt that the Jets will improve from 4-12. Congrats. I'd bet on 8-8 or 9-7 which won't be good enough to make the playoffs in that division, and you'll be in the market for a new QB come January. A thrilling trade indeed.

I, on the other hand, will be wallowing in the misery that is the Miami Dolphins. An exact quote:

"For the first time in 11 years, neither Jason Taylor nor Zach Thomas will be a part of the Dolphins squad. The AP noted this week that more than 30 new players are in Dolphins camp this summer. How faceless is this squad? Billboards around South Florida boast the slogan 'A New Beginning' and feature the faces of the team's coach, GM and VP of football operations. Yep, three middle-aged white men. Your 2008 Dolphins, folks."

Can we discuss Jason Lezak, Michael Phelps & Co. beating Alain Bernard and the smack-talking French in the 4x100 freestyle relay? U-S-A, U-S-A...

Anonymous said...

Very cool but beating France kind of has a hollow ring to it, doesn't it?

Douglas James said...

Seamus how did I never know you were a Fins fan. Now I finally put my finger on what I hated about you all these years. Also as much as I hate yo say it the Fins will be much better than you think. The Tuna took one of the crappiest Jets teams in history (quite an accomplishment) under Rich Kotite and almost made the playoffs with them the next year. Fins win at least 7 games this year.

Oh yeah and Gang Green? I am predicting a 3-0 start with a solid 10-6 record at the end, just barely getting the last wild card spot

Anonymous said...

My top 3 favorite things are america, vanderbilt, and the second amendment. Therefore, our stunning defeat of france last night provided me with ample sports enjoyment to hold me over until Vandy football starts.

Jets go 7-9, an improvement, but nothing to write home about.

Douglas James said...

Vandy got its 10th commitment for the upcoming football class. QB Charlie Goro.

Seems like a guy who scouts don't like because of his lack of measurables but he is efficient and a winner. Good additon.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of recruits, Rivals just released their reevaluations... and 7 of 10 from Vandy now are rated as 3 star prospects.