Thursday, July 31, 2008

VSL Hotline: Practice (We're Talkin' 'Bout Practice?!?!) Delayed, Edition

Whenever anyone mentions the word "practice" in the context of sports, all I can think of is Allen Iverson.

With that divergence aside, let's get to it.

Yesterday, the SEC notified Vanderbilt Coach Bobby Johnson that the opening of fall camp had to be delayed by one day. Mo Patton's got a story on this in today's Tennessean, while the industrious Staff Reporter pens an article for the Nashville City Paper. Is it just me, or is every other SEC school loving the fact that, of all the schools in the SEC, Vanderbilt made a "mathematical error" in figuring out when practice could begin? I will say this however, I LOVE the tone this sets for the team. Call me corny (and I assure you, I've been called worse), but the fact that this team is so ready to get practice underway that they actually have to be stopped or face sanctions from the league is a good omen in my book.

Brett Hait's got a sensational primer on the eve of practice opening for the Commodores (in fact, I wish we'd thought of it). The Man We Love to Hait's 10 Questions for the Commodores in today's City Paper is a must read.

Let's hear from you VSL Nation, how would you answer Brett's questions? What did he miss?

Season tickets are going fast, but are still available.

Remember, National Commodore Club members (particularly 2020 Society members) get some great opportunities for Commodore tickets. If you were thinking to join (or re-up) now is the time.

From (and staying in) Nashville, Bobby OUT


Anonymous said...

georiga is pre-season no. 1

we should have beat "the hottest" team in the country at the end of last year.

bs. if you ask me they get beat by florida, lsu, potentially UT, and another upset. they will be lucky to hang on to the 20 spot.

Stanimal said...

In all fairness, the Georgia-Vandy game was before Georgia's second half explosion that was sparked by the Georgia-Florida game. It was also before Knowshon Moreno really had the full nod at tailback (though he did see time in the game).

The Bulldogs return 9 starters on a defense that was 14th in the country last year. They also return the second best QB in the SEC in Matthew Stafford who's 128.9 QB rating is nothing to sneeze at. In addition, dating back to the Vandy game, the Georgia offense passed 40 points in four of their last six games. They return their entire offensive line (with the exception of Velasco)and the only player they lost was their kicker, which could be their one real downside on paper.

I'm a homer, I admit it, but I don't think we should take away from our near two year in a row upset by not giving the Bulldogs the credit they deserve. You can bet that Florida, LSU, and Tennessee all will.

Chris Martin said...

Georgia is good, but they won't win the national title because their schedule is too tough. On top of playing everybody in the SEC East, they have to play LSU. It won't happen.

Anonymous said...

3 weeks, 3 days

exciting. i fear another "same ole vandy" season, but none the less excited.