Friday, July 18, 2008

Did Rivals Get It Right?, a Rivals affiliate, is doing a segment on the Top 10 players in Vanderbilt Athletics over the last five years. Since we only have access to 10-6, we can't really speak to what the top 5 are, although we can take a few guesses.

10 is Derrick Byars, 9 is Chris Williams, 8 Ryan Flaherty, 7 is Jeremy Sowers, 6 is Matt Freije....

The names notably not on this list are Jay Cutler, Earl Bennett, David Price, Shan Foster, Pedro Alvarez, Jonathan Goff and Hunter Hillenmeyer. While we don't know the order of the players in the poll since the blog defines the phrase "low-budget", we can speculate as to who the top 5 are, and I have to say that I, as well as Douglas James, are disappointed that Freije is not in that category.

So what are your thoughts on it? Who's number 1?


Douglas James said...

Freije single handedly resurected Vandy hoops from some a down period. Saved Stallings job and willed us to victory against NC State, down 11 with 3 1/2 minutes to go. Jay Cutler had 1 good year when we "Almost" went to a bowl and beat UT. While i know it is sacrilige (i can't spell) to not bow at the throne of cutler I just don't understand why everyone thinks he had this great Vandy career. Being the Denver Bronco's starting QB shouldn't have any impact on what he was as a Commie.

Also I think DJ Moore (while he prob won't be on the list) has a real chance to jump into the top 5 with what I think we be a real special year for him .

Bobby O'Shea said...

Here's my list. While I don't love it, I think it's what I think:

10. Jeremey Sowers
9. Jonathan Goff
8. Chris Williams
7. Derrick Byars
6. Pedro Alvarez
5. Shan Foster
4. Jay Cutler
3. David Price
2. Matt Freiji
1. Earl Bennett

Stanimal said...
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Stanimal said...

10. Sowers
9. Williams
8. Goff
7. Pedro
6. Cutler
5. Byars
4. Freiji
3. Earl
2. Foster
1. Price

Douglas James said...

10) Thornton
9) MArio "suspicious suspension" moore
8) Benji Walker
7) Woody Widenhofer
6) That ripped German guy who was the same year as Frieje but never played
5)Brendan Plavich
4) Gordon Gee
3) And-1....i mean keegan bell
2) MJ "real world" Garrett
1) Ted Skutches

Anonymous said...

VU had never had a player chosen in the 1st round of the NFL draft. Having a 1st round QB would make him the logical choice IMHO

Douglas James said...

That is completely wrong. Here is a list of all VU players taken in the 1st round of the NFL draft

Yr Draft Player School
1952 *Bill Wade Vanderbilt
1956 Charles Horton Vanderbilt
1958 Phil King Vanderbilt
1960 Tom Moore Vanderbilt
1984 Leonard Coleman Vanderbilt
1986 Will Wolford Vanderbilt
2006 Jay Cutler Vanderbilt
2008 Chris Williams Vanderbilt

Plus getting drafted in the first round has nothing to do with how we look back at their career at Vandy. It should be based on the 3 or 4 years spent at Vanderbilt and nothing to do with anything after they played their last down, inning or minute in vandy uniform

Aaron said...

brandt snedeker should be on the list

finalfourfinally2012 said...

At least one of the Barry's must be on it! Either Barry Goheen or Barry Booker. Those guys lit it up back in the day !!!

finalfourfinally2012 said...

At least one of the Barry's must be on it! Either Barry Goheen or Barry Booker. Those guys lit it up back in the day !!!

Anonymous said...

Uh, guys?

Will Wolford?

Twelve year NFL offensive lineman? 3 pro bowls? Left tackle for Buffalo's prolific k-gun offense? In the early nineties, signed a contract that at the time made him the highest paid offensive lineman in NFL history at just over $3 million/year?

He's top 5, if not #1 or #2.

Stanimal said...

Topic was top ten athletes of the last five years, not top ten athletes of all time.

Stanimal said...

And I apologize to Aaron, the Rivals poll was for football, basketball, and baseball. Brandt Snedeker I agree would be on this list if you included Golf.

Anonymous said...

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