Monday, June 16, 2008

VSL Hotline: Yes, We Were Linked to from the Paper of Record, Edition

Vanderbilt Sports Line is, if nothing else, one of the two official Vanderbilt Sports blogs of the New York Times (or at least their college football blog). It's good to be the kings...

Other news from around the SEC:

Brett Hait's got good news for Commodore baseball fans in Monday's Nashville City Paper. The Man We Love to Hait now believes the heavily touted Jason Esposito might actually matriculate to Nashville rather than sign with the Kansas City Royals, who drafted him in the 7th Round.

More good news from Brett: Vanderbilt's pitching coach staying put according to today's Nashville City Paper.

Still, all is not well at Hawkins Field as Ryan Flaherty is expected to finalize a deal with the Chicago Cubs today according to Hait and Baseball America.

Brandt Snedeker finished the U.S. Open tied for 9th. For the best coverage on Brandt, check out our friends over at The Sports VU.

Finally, our friends at The Sports VU found this article that I wanted you all to see. Billy King in the Junkyard Blawg on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's website writes on how the SEC compares with the Middle East:

The SEC as the Middle East:

ALABAMA: Saudi Arabia. Once a proud kingdom, torn up by fighting and surrounded by Iran and Iraq (see below), with someone in Al-Qaeda hell bent on bringing them down.

LSU: Iran. Current superpower in the region but it will all come crashing down because they have a highly functioning retard as a leader.

TENNESSEE: Iraq. Got a bunch of history but the country as a whole is going in the tank and they will kill themselves off before it is all over.

FLORIDA: Syria. Evil punks who will stoop to whatever level they need to win. No real history to speak of but thinks they are the cradle of civilization.

GEORGIA: Kuwait. Tons of riches and unrealized potential, but still vulnerable to Iraq.

AUBURN: Al Qaeda. No country, just a movement of disgruntled fanatics who live to blow up those who are more fortunate. No other goal in life than to bring down the House of Saudi Arabia. Terrorizing the Arabians for 6 years is the crowning achievement in their history. Signing day was a major setback to the movement. They will be looking for a new leader soon.

ARKANSAS: Palestinian territories. No one really cares or worries about them unless they can be of some use (i.e. winning a battle once in a while against Iran that causes a bit of shake up in rankings)

MISSISSIPPI STATE: Qatar. Where is Qatar, anyway?

OLE MISS: Afghanistan. Not much going for it, but hot women.

VANDERBILT: Israel. Just leave them alone for God’s sake. What did they ever do to you?

KENTUCKY: Morocco. Not really part of the Middle East. Has other things to do than fight (or play football)

SOUTH CAROLINA: Libya. Has a charismatic leader in a land of nothingness. Will rattle his sword but knows he does not have a whole heck of a lot to back it up with.

Now that is hilarious.

It's been quiet out there VSL Nation, let's get the chatter going.

Bobby, OUT


Bobby O'Shea said...

It's quiet...too quiet

Stanimal said...

Who's got some word on Vandy Spring Football? What's the QB situation looking like? Is it going to be Nickson, Adams, or are we looking at Larry Smith to take on a significant role?

Seamus O'Toole said...

Word from spring practice was Nickson's the #1 going into the season.

This is just like, my opinion, man, but I do NOT think it's wise to go quarterback-by-committee given the unique demands on that position. Offensive player I'm most excited about is Jared Hawkins. It's worth mentioning we may wind up having one of the best defensive backfields in the conference this season. Also note that true-sophomore John Stokes came out of spring as the presumptive starter at strong-side linebacker. Will he live up to the hype? I like the corps of backers but am slightly concerned about experience and, more importantly, speed at that position.

Go Celtics, I guess.

Boyer in the District said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boyer in the District said...

Hot women in Afghanistan? I guess...I mean those burkas really bring out the eyes.

Anonymous said...

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