Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bobby's in Nashville

So VSL's been quiet lately, but that's all about to change. It's irrelevant that Vanderbilt teams won't compete for the next few months, because VSL's back in a big way.

There are a number of articles I wanted to make sure the VSL Nation sees, even if a few days late.

The New York Times had a great piece on the front page of the Sunday sports section on Pedro Alvarez. The article by Katie Thomas is as much a celebration of Pedro as it is of the program the Tim Corbin is building.

With that in mind, the Man We Love to Hait's got a great piece in yesterday's Nashville City Paper on how Coach Corbin has become a Victim of His Own Making. There is no doubt this year's team under-achieved. While the Tempe draw was a tough one, Vanderbilt never game themselves a shot to win. What killed them this past weekend was what killed them through the year: untimely cooling of the bats and an inability to close games. While this senior-ladden team missed David Price, I would argue that Casey Weathers was the player this team missed the most. For a team that will have 3 players drafted in the top 7 over the last two years to not make it out of a regional is disappointing (some might say unacceptable). Still, Coach Corbin has built a great program. Now it's time to take the next steps. With that in mind, Coach Corbin was on 104.5 the Zone this morning. Here's the audio courtesy of VUCommodores.com.

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pedro would be "Honored" to be drafted by the Pirates.

ESPN.com ran a story on a failed attempt to move up the signing day for Football. I really don't have an opinion, but am curious as to what VSL Nation thinks.

It's official, Vanderbilt's first two football games will be nationally televised on the ESPN family of networks. Here's the link from the Tennessean, which reprinted a post from VUCommodores.com.

Mark McCarter wrote a very flattering piece of Vice Chancellor David Williams in the Monday Huntsville Times. Mark writes what VSL Nation has known for quite some time: David Williams is the Guru.

While it's a new fiscal year, it's never too early to start contributing to the National Commodore Club. With the expansion recently announced, they need all the help they can get.

That's all I've got for now, but rest assured that VSL's dark period is over. Bobby's in Nashville, so it's going to be a great summer.

Bobbby, OUT

Wednesday Morning Update:
Brett Hait notes in today's Nashville City Paper that, should Pedro Alvarez be drafted first, Vanderbilt would be the first school in history to have consecutive #1 picks from their school.

ESPN.com's Amy K. Nelson's got a piece on Pedro "following in some historic footsteps."

Harold Huggins' got a piece in today's City Paper noting that nationally ranked junior tennis standout Ryan Lipman of Nashville will sign with Vanderbilt. Lipman will enroll starting in the Fall of 2009.

The Sunday Morning Quarterback Blog has a take on Vanderbilt football. I haven't read it yet, but that doesn't mean I won't (or you shouldn't).


Stanimal said...

John Smoltz career is likely over. It's a sad sad day.

Diezba said...

Glad to see VSL is "back."

Now that we've gotten some small distractions out of the way [cough]lawschool[/cough], we're getting S&S back on track after our semester-long hiatus.

Keep up the good work, and come see if you agree with our 7 biggest stories of spring 2008: http://starandstripe.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

i'm ready for a beer and a football game