Tuesday, April 22, 2008

VSL Hotline: Jeff Taylor Edition

Brett Hait's all over the Jeff Talyor to Vanderbilt story. In today's Nashville City Paper the Man We Love to Hait's got a great profile of Taylor, while his Nashville Ballerz post highlights that Jeff chose Vanderbilt over Texas. A coup? Brett certainly thinks so.

Mo Patton's got a piece on Taylor, a possible starter according to some, in today's Tennessean.

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Douglas James said...

This is awsome! This has to set up well for Tinsley as well right? I mean looking at the two places he is also looking at Wake and Oregon. Both are way more clogged at guard than vandy. Vandy returns Beal at point (Jr) and then Hinkle who is a redshirt frosh at shooting guard, elliot cole is a walkon an Drake is a junior and a dissapointment so far in his career. This means Tinsley could get significant minutes at both the 1 and the 2. Meanwhile Oregon has two 4 star SG's and a 3-star PG already signed. Meanwhile Wake Forrest is bringing a top 5 recuiting class in with no guards but they had a soph stud in Jeff Teaque and a real solid junior in Smith. If he wants to contribute right away I think his best chance is at Vandy. Hopefully he sees how much talent he will have to dish to.